Description: Summarize/Theme Using appropriate text, determine two or more themes in a text, analyze their development throughout the text, and relate the themes to life experiences; provide an objective and concise summary of the text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 2C


2C: Summarizing

2C: Summarizing

Description: Summarizing

✓ standard met

Selection: I-36


Grade level: 9
Word count: 2302 words
Author: Erica Cirino
Synopsis: Brothers want to see a new pirate film, but they don't have enough money. Will their plan to get the money work out?
Excerpt: Being an honest kid, the next day I divulged the whole thing to Mom and Dad, while naturally Jared never told them about what happened that night on the Gannet--he, unlike John and I, really had fun on our pirate adventure. John and I were punished for starting the trouble, and we never did get to go to the cinema that month. One night while we were grounded, Mom and Dad took Jared to the cinema and told him he could pick any film to watch. He picked the new Adventures of Captain Red Beard film, of course.

Question: Fables are stories that teach readers a lesson. Which idiom below best summarizes the message conveyed in this fable?
  1. Crime does not pay.
  2. They are all in the same boat.
  3. He pulled the wool over their eyes.
  4. Never give up.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Imagine you are an attorney. Prepare a summation of a selection you have read to present to a jury for deliberation.


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