Description: Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings. Interpret figurative language, including similes and metaphors, in context.
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4A: Interpreting Word Meaning

4A: Interpreting Word Meaning

Description: Interpreting Word Meaning

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Selection: HiE-36


Grade level: 5
Word count: 1658 words
Author: Horace E. Scudder
Synopsis: This classic legend tells about Dutch sailors who must spend eternity sailing the ocean.
Excerpt: The next day, as the ship drew near the Cape of Good Hope, the captain walked the deck with Otto. As they talked, they were grabbed from behind. Members of the crew tightly bound the captain and Otto. At the same instant, other sailors grabbed the ship's two officers and they too were bound. Now the ship was in the hands of the crew.

These wicked men made short work. They threw the captain, Otto, and the two mates into the sea. "Dead men tell no tales," said the man at the wheel.

Question: Read this excerpt. The man at the ship's wheel said, "Dead men tell no tales." What does this mean?
  1. Those who are no longer living cannot tell others what really happened.
  2. Those who help others will always receive help themselves.
  3. Those who spend many years on the sea often have lonely lives.
  4. Those who work only for money will not find true love or happiness.

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Writing prompt: Find examples in five selections of words that describe things you can hear, see, or touch.


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