Description: Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings. Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, homographs) to better understand each of the words.
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4A: Interpreting Word Meaning

4A: Interpreting Word Meaning

Description: Interpreting Word Meaning

✓ standard met

Selection: HiE-4


Grade level: 5
Word count: 1455 words
Author: Brian Cafferty
Synopsis: P.T. Barnum is long gone, but this legendary man's spirit lives when the circus is in town.
Excerpt: In 1849, Barnum made a trip to England. While he was there, he went to a concert where he heard Jenny Lind, a beautiful singer from Sweden. Jenny had a lovely voice and was the toast of all of Europe. Yet she was nearly unknown in the United States. Barnum asked her to come to America and do a series of concerts. She accepted, and Barnum named her the "Swedish Nightingale."

Question: In this excerpt, what does the phrase "the toast of all of Europe" mean?
  1. to be popular all over Europe.
  2. to have toast while visiting Europe.
  3. to be laughed at all over Europe.
  4. to drink a toast to Europe.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Choose a selection that included some unfamiliar vocabulary. Replace the unfamiliar words with synonyms that are easier to understand yet still convey the same meaning.


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