Description: Assess how point of view or purpose shapes the content and style of a text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 5A


5A: Examining Text Structure

5A: Examining Text Structure

Description: Examining Text Structure

✓ standard met

Selection: G-8


Grade level: 7
Word count: 1746 words
Author: Anonymous
Synopsis: Can young Arthur pull the sword from the stone?
Excerpt: "I am not your father nor related to you," said Sir Hector. "I must now reveal the secret I long have kept. You were brought to me in infancy, and I and my wife have raised you as our own son. Who you truly are I cannot say. Only Merlin the magician knows, but I feel certain you are of nobler blood than I can boast."

Question: Which quote represents an important change in the plot?
  1. "I am not your father nor related to you."
  2. "My brother Kay shall not be without a sword."
  3. "There is fraud or magic in this."
  4. "Rise, I pray. It pains me deeply to see you like that."

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Explain an author's use of description in a selection, and how the description shaped the way you viewed and understood the person, object, or event described.


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