Description: Describe how a text presents information (e.g., sequentially, comparatively, causally, visually, and graphically).
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5A: Examining Text Structure

5A: Examining Text Structure

Description: Examining Text Structure

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Selection: J-42


Grade level: 10
Word count: 2133 words
Author: Brittany Belford
Synopsis: Three students take on a difficult but rewarding research project and present their findings in the form of a play.
Excerpt: Following the war's conclusion, Poland fell under Communist control, and while the new leaders had no love for their former Nazi conquerors, they feared their countrymen who had worked for the old Polish government against the Nazis. Eventually, she found work as a teacher and as an official in medical schools and government health departments.

In 1965, the nation of Israel recognized her as one of a group called the Righteous among the Nations, a title bestowed on individuals who had resisted the Nazis' horrible strategies. Living in obscurity in Warsaw, she raised her family, worked, and helped organize orphanages, child-care, and eldercare centers -- that is, until 1999.

Question: In this excerpt, which word or phrase signals that the essay will leap from the past, and Irena's activities during the war, to the students' discovery of Irena in modern times?
  1. that is, until 1999
  2. following the war's conclusion
  3. eventually
  4. in 1965

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Choose an informational text that presents information in a cause-and-effect or problem-and-solution manner. Describe why the organization of information did (or did not) help you understand the main idea of the selection.


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