Description: Key Ideas and Details Analyze informational text development. Provide an objective summary of the text that includes the development of the central idea and how details impact this idea
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2C: Summarizing

2C: Summarizing

Description: Summarizing

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Selection: J-26


Grade level: 10
Word count: 2122 words
Author: Jake Gibson
Synopsis: The practice of devising secret codes and developing ways to break them has been around since ancient times.
Excerpt: Frequency analysis is a method that measures the rate to which certain letters and groups of letters appear in a given language. Using this method can uncover the algorithm used to originally generate that cipher.

Acknowledging the rate to which letters and groups of letters appear in words and sentences, frequency analysis determines patterns where ciphertext letters can be connected to plaintext letters. The patterns are then used to recreate the cipher and then decipher the entire encryption.

Question: What does this excerpt tell you about cryptanalysis?
  1. Frequency analysis uses patterns in languages to decipher encryptions.
  2. Letter frequency differs greatly depending on the language.
  3. Frequency analysis scans ciphertexts for vowels to discover weaknesses in ciphers.
  4. Encryptions that use the letters A, E, O, and T are easier to decipher.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Imagine you are an attorney. Prepare a summation of a selection you have read to present to a jury for deliberation.


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