Description: Key Ideas and Details Analyze literary text development. Summarize the text, incorporating a theme determined from details in the text.
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2C: Summarizing

2C: Summarizing

Description: Summarizing

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Selection: E-31


Grade level: 5
Word count: 1655 words
Author: Adapted from a story by Horace E. Scudder.
Synopsis: This classic legend tells about Dutch sailors who must spend eternity sailing the ocean.
Excerpt: Now, while they were talking, the man at the ship's wheel listened. This was not a man of good character. As he heard of the bags of gold Otto was transporting home, his evil heart began to desire the gold. As he steered the ship, and later when his shift was over, he thought and thought about how he could get that gold. He knew it would be impossible for him alone to seize it. So he whispered about it to one and another and another of the sailors on the ship.

The crew included not one man who had a good and decent character. Every member of that crew had committed some crime at one time or another. When the sailor told them of the gold on board, they were ready for anything. They did not fear or respect the authority of the captain.

Question: Read this excerpt from the selection. Which two of the following statements best summarize the author's description of the crew of The Flying Dutchman?
  1. The crew members were willing to defy the captain's orders to get what they wanted.
  2. The crew members were all criminals.
  3. The crew members were all loyal to the captain.
  4. The crew members were all loyal to Otto.
  5. The crew members had all worked with one another on The Flying Dutchman for many years.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Write one paragraph that describes the main information about a selection you read.


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