Description: Describe personal connections to a variety of sources, including self-selected texts.
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9A: Comparing/Contrasting

9A: Comparing/Contrasting

Description: Compare, Contrast, and/or Integrate

✓ standard met

Selection: H-32


Grade level: 8
Word count: 2030 words
Author: Anna Fisher
Synopsis: Many people escaped from East Germany through tunnels under the Berlin Wall, but some did not make it.
Excerpt: Gram shuffled into the kitchen, tapping her metal cane on the linoleum floor, her brocade lounging jacket hanging loosely over her shoulders. "Please help me into the parlor, Maggie; I hope you'll join me for some tea this afternoon."

A month later, Gram boarded the plane with almost no assistance from Maggie, who had noticed that her grandmother appeared much younger since they had started planning their trip. She was steadier on her feet and her face seemed to have fewer wrinkles.

Question: What do these two excerpts tell you about Gram?
  1. Gram felt revived by her decision to visit her homeland.
  2. Gram let her health deteriorate from inactivity.
  3. Gram was happy to be dependent on her family.
  4. Gram made a decision to take better care of herself.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Compare and contrast the views expressed by a fictional character to your own views.


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