Description: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (Not applicable to literature)
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 8A


8A: Judging Validity

8A: Judging Validity

Description: Judge Validity

✓ standard met

Selection: B-58


Grade level: 2
Word count: 1003 words
Author: Kate Carter
Synopsis: The owner of a hotel finds out that it's important to treat all travelers equally.
Excerpt: "No, he is not here," said the hotel owner. "The only man that has been here asking for a place to stay was an old farmer. He was so muddy that you could not see the color of his coat. I sent him to the other hotel. He is staying there."

"Did he have red hair?" asked the well-dressed man. "Did he ride a gray horse?"

"Yes," said the hotel owner. "And he was tall."

"That was the vice president!" said the well-dressed man.

The hotel owner went to the other hotel. There he found the vice president sitting with some friends. They were talking and laughing and having a good time. The vice president was clean and neat. He wore fresh clothes. There was no sign of mud anywhere.

Question: Think about what you read in this selection. Which two of the following statements about Thomas Jefferson are correct?
  1. He had red hair.
  2. He was taller than most men.
  3. He rode a white horse.
  4. He traveled with one set of clothes.
  5. He believed he was better than other men.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Describe a selection that did not seem real in the beginning but made sense in the end. What did the author do to change your view?


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