Description: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Describe how reasons given support specific opinions the author states in a text.
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8B: Reasoning

8B: Reasoning

Description: Reasoning

✓ standard met

Selection: B-15


Grade level: 2
Word count: 1069 words
Author: Kate Carter
Synopsis: How to make your school environmentally friendly, one step at a time.
Excerpt: Now that we're outside, let's talk about the best thing you can do to help your school go green. Have a Walk Ride Day each month. That's a day when students, parents, teachers--everyone--agrees to walk, ride a bike, take a bus or subway, or share a ride to school. This is a win for everyone. You get exercise and have fun. Your school's neighborhood gets cleaner air.

Question: How does sharing a ride to school help the environment?
  1. You will use only one car, so you save gas and cause less pollution.
  2. While you ride to school, you can talk to your friends.
  3. Riding in a car is faster than walking or riding a bike, so you will arrive at school earlier.
  4. Riding in a car means you can do your homework on the way to school.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Tell how two (or more) facts from a selection led you to answer a question about the selection.


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