Description: Craft and Structure Determine an author’s purpose (to inform, persuade, entertain, critique, etc.) and point of view in a text and explain how it is conveyed in the text.
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6A: Recognizing Author's Intent

6A: Recognizing Author's Intent

Description: Recognizing Author's Purpose

✓ standard met

Selection: F-45


Grade level: 6
Word count: 1835 words
Author: Heidi McLean
Synopsis: Many different kinds of people live within the protective walls of a typical Middle Ages village.
Excerpt: You also notice that there are very few old people. People do not live long lives. Half of the population is age 21 or younger. Many people die from disease. One of the worst of these, known as the Black Plague, swept across Europe in waves in the mid-1300s. This dreadful disease took the lives of half the population, including many children. Childbirth is also a serious health hazard, taking the lives of about one woman in five. A similar percent of babies do not live to see their first birthday.

Question: How does the author explain the small number of old people in the village?
  1. by describing some diseases that caused people to die young
  2. by stating that old people had to leave their homes to find work
  3. by showing that the rich were treated better than the poor
  4. by highlighting how villagers treated their oldest members with respect

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: What was the author's primary intent when he or she wrote a selection? What other objectives might the author have had in mind when writing the selection?


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