Description: Craft and Structure Analyze how a particular sentence, chapter, scene, or stanza fits into the overall structure of a text and contributes to the development of the theme, setting, or plot.
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5A: Examining Text Structure

5A: Examining Text Structure

Description: Examining Text Structure

✓ standard met

Selection: F-12


Grade level: 6
Word count: 1756 words
Author: Mike Buchanan and Diane Lang
Synopsis: A lost pet uses every ounce of his energy to find his way home.
Excerpt: A rabbit bounded across the parking lot and into the shadows of the woods, with Jeff racing after it, barking furiously.

Mom and Dad chased him and called his name, but all we could hear was Jeff barking until it became quiet.

For several days, when I stepped off the bus from school, I expected to see Jeff, but the yard was empty.

The next afternoon, when we took Fluff for her annual veterinarian checkup, Mom explained to Dr. Jacobs how Jeff had run away.

Question: The narrator of this selection is a
  1. child.
  2. mother.
  3. dog.
  4. vet.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Explain why an author chose to organize a selection's plot in an unconventional way. What benefits or disadvantages resulted from the action being presented in this way?


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