Description: Literary Elements Identify and describe the main story elements in a story.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 1A


1A: Recalling Explicit Details

1A: Recalling Explicit Details

Description: Identifying explicit details including character, time, setting and speaker

✓ standard met

Selection: A-1


Grade level: 1
Word count: 805 words
Author: Anonymous
Synopsis: A rabbit is not big or strong, but he's smart. That's what it takes to be king.
Excerpt: Long ago, a rabbit lived on a farm. Many other animals also lived there. The rabbit decided he would be the king of the animals.

Question: Where does this selection take place?
  1. on a farm long ago
  2. near the sea long ago
  3. on a farm in the future
  4. in the woods today

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Explain when and where a selection takes place. What clues help you determine that information?


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