Description: Theme Identify and explain a theme of a literary text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 1B


1B: Analyzing Implicit Details

1B: Analyzing Implicit Details

Description: Drawing Conclusions, Making Inferences from information in text

✓ standard met

Selection: B-7


Grade level: 2
Word count: 1131 words
Author: J. Baldwin
Synopsis: This ancient myth tells about Arion, a man who sings more beautifully than anyone else. He runs into trouble on a boat, but he's rescued in a very surprising way.
Excerpt: In a city in ancient Greece, there once lived a man who made beautiful music. His name was Arion. No other person could play music or sing so sweetly. In just a moment, his music could wipe away sad or angry feelings. The songs he wrote were famous in many lands.

How was Arion saved after he jumped into the sea? Some people say he climbed on the back of a dolphin.

Other people say the dolphin that saved Arion was not a sea creature. It was a boat named the "Dolphin." These people say Arion, who was a very good swimmer, was able to swim in the sea until a passing boat saved him.

Question: The selection says Arion was good at doing two things. What are they?
  1. making music and swimming
  2. swimming and making friends
  3. making music and hiding money
  4. finding dolphins and finding money

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: What lesson (or lessons) did you learn from the selection?


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