Description: Literary Elements Explain how one or more characters develop throughout the plot in a literary text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 1B


1B: Analyzing Implicit Details

1B: Analyzing Implicit Details

Description: Drawing Conclusions, Making Inferences from information in text

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Selection: C-48


Grade level: 3
Word count: 1339 words
Author: Charles Reade
Synopsis: Is there a hidden treasure on an old man's farm? The old man searches even while his neighbors laugh and his wife doubts him.
Excerpt: "What difference does it make if I cut all the roots?" the old man shouted. "These old trees aren't worth a penny a piece. They are all in such poor condition! All together the do not give us enough good apples to make a living. These trees will make us into beggars! During my father's time, these trees used to produce wagon loads of the very finest fruit. How I wish these trees were all dead!"

Summer passed. Autumn followed. The old man's old trees had more apples than they had ever had before. In fact, the branches of the old trees staggered under their weight of fruit. The old man and his wife sold the apples and made more money than they could ever use.

Question: Which character changes the most, and in what way does the character change?
  1. The old man changes the most because at first he thinks the trees are worthless, but then he learns they are the treasure.
  2. The wife changes the most because at first she is looking for the treasure, but then she doubts that it really exists.
  3. The neighbors change the most because at first they help the old man dig holes, but then they start to laugh at him.
  4. The stranger changes the most because at first he makes a lot of noise, but later he sneaks away from the old man.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Did the title of this selection provide you with clues about the selection's main idea? Why or why not?


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