Description: Purpose and Perspective Explain an author’s purpose in an informational text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 6B


6B: Recognizing Persuasion

6B: Recognizing Persuasion

Description: Recognizing Persuasive Devices

✓ standard met

Selection: HiB-28


Grade level: 2
Word count: 1077 words
Author: Tamara Smith
Synopsis: A 12-year-old girl gave a speech that made a room full of world leaders go completely quiet.
Excerpt: Severn is "The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes." Can you imagine that phrase being spoken about you? What do you do that helps the earth? Each of us may not get the chance to speak in front of world leaders. But we can make changes in the things that we do every day. Every small thing matters.

Question: What is the most likely reason the author ends the selection this way?
  1. to make you think about what you can do to help the earth
  2. to make you feel bad that you haven't done enough already
  3. to argue that adults need to listen to what children have to say
  4. to give the idea that animals need our help more than forests do

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Think about a character in one of the selections you read. Write a short speech that tells about only the good things about the character. Then write a second short speech that tells only the bad things about the character.


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