Description: Central Idea Analyze the central idea(s), implied or explicit, and its development throughout a text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 2A


2A: Determining Main Idea

2A: Determining Main Idea

Description: Determining Main Idea and Themes

✓ standard met

Selection: F-4


Grade level: 6
Word count: 1740 words
Author: Kelley Sachs
Synopsis: Some scientists believe life could exist on planets outside our solar system.
Excerpt: No excerpt is available for this question.
Question: This selection is mainly about astronomers and
  1. how they are learning about newly discovered planets.
  2. why they are sure life cannot exist outside our solar system.
  3. when they think space travel to exoplanets will be possible.
  4. what they are doing to prove all planets revolve around suns.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Using the Internet or other research tools, find three additional pieces of information that support the main idea stated in the selection.


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