Description: Paraphrasing and Summarizing Retell a text in oral or written form to enhance comprehension. Use main story elements at the beginning, middle, and end for a literary text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 5B


5B: Examining Sequence

5B: Examining Sequence

Description: Examining Sequence of Ideas and Events

✓ standard met

Selection: A-54


Grade level: 1
Word count: 721 words
Author: R. Bender
Synopsis: Max learns an important -- and nutty! -- lesson about greed.
Excerpt: Max had been playing ball at the park. He was there all afternoon. Now he was hungry. He said goodbye to his friends. He got on this bike and rode home.

Question: The first thing that happens in this selection is
  1. Max rides home from the park.
  2. Ben makes a bet with Max.
  3. Mom starts to make dinner.
  4. Mom tells Max to eat dinner.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Describe a selection's beginning, middle, and end.


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