Description: Paraphrasing and Summarizing Summarize a text to enhance comprehension. Use the central idea and relevant details for an informational text.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 2C


2C: Summarizing

2C: Summarizing

Description: Summarizing

✓ standard met

Selection: C-58


Grade level: 3
Word count: 1452 words
Author: Roberta Bard
Synopsis: After visiting with his friend Peter, Johann makes a discovery that puts soldiers at risk.
Excerpt: "The British army beat Washington at Brandywine and chased him out of Philadelphia. It's only luck that he's escaped so far. He'll have to surrender soon. He doesn't have any supplies or equipment. His men don't even have uniforms or guns."

"But the Patriots are fighting against the true government," Peter replied. "They are breaking the law."

Question: Read this part from the selection. Which of the following statements best summarizes what Peter believed?
  1. The Patriots were breaking the law and they would be defeated by the Loyalists.
  2. The Loyalists were dangerous men.
  3. The king and the colonists supported one another.
  4. Washington had a strong army that could not be defeated.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Write one paragraph that describes the main information about a selection you read.


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