Description: Understanding Rhetoric Explain how an author uses rhetorical devices to support or advance an appeal.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 6B


6B: Recognizing Persuasion

6B: Recognizing Persuasion

Description: Recognizing Persuasive Devices

✓ standard met

Selection: H-7


Grade level: 8
Word count: 1853 words
Author: Karen Berman
Synopsis: An immigrant takes a grueling voyage to improve her life.
Excerpt: In Poland, people endure great poverty and suffering, and the country's leaders blame Jews. Government officials permit people to take out their frustrations on us, rather than trying to make improvements."

"Remember, Sheyna," he had cautioned, "there are good-hearted people everywhere, and some neighbors have risked their lives to protect us from impending pogroms, enabling us to seek safe shelter in the forest. We have been very fortunate, and we owe them our gratitude."

Question: This excerpt shows the author refrains from portraying the villagers as stereotypes because she includes references to people
  1. who helped the Jews escape persecution.
  2. who protested the preparations for war.
  3. who supported the draft of the Russian Army.
  4. who disagreed with government policies.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Give examples of the use of rhetoric in a selection and tell how it influenced your interpretation of the selection's ideas or themes.


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