Description: Context and Connotation Apply knowledge of context clues, figurative language, word relationships, reference materials, and/or background knowledge to determine the connotative and denotative meaning of words and phrases, appropriate to grade level.
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4A: Interpreting Word Meaning

4A: Interpreting Word Meaning

Description: Interpreting Word Meaning

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Selection: H-66


Grade level: 8
Word count: 1770 words
Author: Mark Twain
Synopsis: Things can get out of hand when luck beats out skill.
Excerpt: There sat the man, in actual flesh, whom I had heard of so many times since that day, thirty years before, when his name shot suddenly to the peak from a Crimean battlefield, to remain forever celebrated.

It was food and drink to me to look, and look, and look at that idol; scanning, searching, noting the quietness, the reserve, the noble gravity of his features; the simple honesty that expressed itself all over him; the sweet unconsciousness of his greatness -- unconsciousness of the hundreds of admiring eyes fastened upon him, unconsciousness of the deep, loving, sincere worship welling out of the breasts of those people and flowing toward him.

Question: In this excerpt, what does the banquet guest mean when he says, "It was food and drink to me to look, and look, and look at that idol"?
  1. The guest felt inspired just by looking at Scoresby.
  2. The guest was too busy eating to talk to Scoresby.
  3. The guest could tell Scoresby was a fool by the way he looked.
  4. The guest was so scared of Scoresby that he could not eat.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Explain how a character's actions or attitude can change the meaning of a word or phrase.


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