Description: Make inferences to support comprehension.
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3C: Analyzing Cause/Effect

3C: Analyzing Cause/Effect

Description: Analyzing Cause and Effect

✓ standard met

Selection: D-12


Grade level: 4
Word count: 1340 words
Author: Allen Huse
Synopsis: A gym teacher got the ball rolling--or dribbling.
Excerpt: No, if they ran with the ball, there'd be blocking and tackling and bruises and broken legs. How about something like a box, but raised off the ground, to throw the ball in and score points? Yeah, that was it; a raised goal would mean players needed to use ability rather than force to make points. They'd have to pass the ball to their teammates, not run with it.

Question: Why did Naismith decide to have players throw the ball instead of carry it?
  1. Players would have to use skill instead of force to score points.
  2. The games would be longer and more exciting for fans.
  3. The ball was too heavy to carry from one end of the court to the other.
  4. Fans could see the ball more easily if it was in motion.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Write three "why" questions about things that happened in a selection and then answer those questions.


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