Description: With prompting and support, recognize key details from a summary to demonstrate understanding of the author’s message, lesson learned and/or moral.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 2C


2C: Summarizing

2C: Summarizing

Description: Summarizing

✓ standard met

Selection: A-22


Grade level: 1
Word count: 811 words
Author: Adapted from a story by A. L. Sykes.
Synopsis: A little rabbit finds out that it is important to follow rules.
Excerpt: No excerpt is available for this question.
Question: What is the main lesson of this selection?
  1. Follow the rules.
  2. Make your own rules.
  3. Try your hardest.
  4. Go out at night.

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Using no more than 20 words, write a summary of a narrative selection you read. For example, if you read The Three Bears, you would write: bears come home, find broken chairs, see missing porridge, discover sleeping girl.


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