Description: Text Features identify the details or facts that support the main idea
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 2B


2B: Analyzing Relative Importance

2B: Analyzing Relative Importance

Description: Determining Relative Importance

✓ standard met

Selection: C-25


Grade level: 3
Word count: 1130 words
Author: Marshif Quoyle
Synopsis: How do green plants matter? Let us (lettuce!) count the ways.
Excerpt: The links in that food chain begin with a green plant and then go on to insects and worms.

People and other large animals are at the end of many food chains. A food chain ends with an animal that will not be eaten by another animal.

The second link in any food chain is always a creature that eats plants.

Question: Think about what you read. Put these links to a food chain in order, from the first link in the last.
  1. plant
  2. grasshopper
  3. frog
  4. hawk

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: Describe parts of a selection that held important clues to help you understand what was happening.


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