Description: Key Ideas and Details cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of British, world, and regional literatures, including various Hispanic and Native American oral and written texts.
Maps to Reading Plus skills: 1A


1A: Recalling Explicit Details

1A: Recalling Explicit Details

Description: Identifying explicit details including character, time, setting and speaker

✓ standard met

Selection: L-9


Grade level: 12
Word count: 2379 words
Author: Francois Coppee
Synopsis: A discarded crust of bread transforms the lives of two soldiers.
Excerpt: So much the worse for me! Now I am going to commence to be devoured by hunger again for, believe me friend, if you will, I have suffered from hunger all my life."

The words were startling, especially to a duke who had just been dreamily longing for the kitchen of the Cafe Anglais, and Henri de Hardimont regarded his companion in almost terrified amazement.

Question: What about Jean-Victor strikes Hardimont as "startling"?
  1. Jean-Victor's struggle with starvation
  2. Jean-Victor's obsession with war
  3. Jean-Victor's preoccupation with poverty
  4. Jean-Victor's fascination with history

✓ standard met

Writing prompt: What are some clues you found in a selection that let you know when and where the selection takes place even though the author does not overtly state this information?


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